Spring is in full bloom (kind of), and with it comes a fresh crop of nail trends to breathe life into your manicure. While deep autumnal reds and frosty winter greys are something we’ll keep coming back to, Spring ushers the warm embrace of brighter colours and experimental accents.

From gourmand-inspired motifs to shining metallics and playful pigments we asked the experts at East London’s Shoreditch Nails for their trend predictions for the season ahead…

Cherries on Top 

Yup, the Cherry trend is definitely not dying. A firm fashion, beauty and lifestyle fixture for SS24, the cute motif is being applied to nails also. Cherries are a “trend you can easily recreate at home! You will need a dotting tool and liner brush to help you complete the look,” says Shoreditch Nails. For maximum impact, pair them with a natural base to let the vibrant cherry red colour shine, or layer them over a bright French tip for a playful twist. They're the ultimate cherry on top of your manicure game!

Matcha Mani

That’s right you guessed it, our shared love for an ice oat milk matcha now extends beyond the confines of a coffee shop! To create a milky marble effect, the experts suggest blobbing white, green and pink across the nail and swirling the colours together using a dotting tool. Beloved London coffee spot Blank Street has even recently joined forces with Shoreditch Nails on limited edition matcha tinted polish to achieve the look. 

Aura Orbs

So-called “Aura Orbs”, are another spring standout according to the nail techs, and one we have seen flooding social media too. To bring this ethereal look to life at home, all you need is a small sponge. Simply dab on your chosen polish – the more layers, the brighter the central burst of colour – then seal in the magic with a clear top coat to smooth out any texture and secure shine!

Chrome Accents

Chrome nails surged in popularity last year, but this spring the full chrome look has been dialled down into delicate accents. From 3D tips and tactile flourishes (like lace and florals) to neat spots and stripes, Chrome 2.0 beckons a more ornamental approach to the high-tech trend. There are also a hoard of chrome polishes on the market for you to recreate the look at home with ease!

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