For many of us, Daisy by Marc Jacobs was our first introduction to the fragrance world. Perched on the shelves of department stores, Daisy captured our attention with its floral bottle and sweet-smelling scent. Whether you received a bottle of your own as a teen or stole a few spritzes from your friends, we’ve all grown up with Daisy in the air, and since its release in 2007 the iconic perfume has remained the trusty fragrance of choice for millions worldwide. In fact, it’s still the luxury brand's biggest fragrance success to date, estimated to hit around $300 million in sales every year.

17 years after its initial release there are 26 different Daisy perfumes to choose from now that the newest collection of Daisy is about to drop. Daisy Pop, the latest offering is a collection of three bold, bright, and fun fragrances: Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop, Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Pop, and Daisy Marc Jacobs Love Pop.

Pop is promising to be “Daisy’s most fashion-forward limited edition to date”, encased in a matte pink bottle and garnished with white flowers bearing purple, green, and red centres – which supposedly take cue from the hues at the heart of the Marc Jacobs fashion collections. Daisy Pop’s bold exterior bears a striking resemblance to something from an Andy Warhol piece, doubling as a work of art to liven up your dressing table.

But don't let its blooming exterior fool you, Daisy Pop offers a punchy top aroma of grapefruit, yuzu and violet leaf, and a heart of jasmine with kumquat to invigorate your senses with its zesty goodness. While Eau So Fresh Pop is a juicy combination of lime and raspberry, a heart of rose, raspberry and violet, and a base of musk, crystal moss and cedarwood – the perfect beach spritz in our eyes. Lastly, Daisy Love Pop is a mix of cloudberry, raspberry and bergamot with hints of gourmand pistachio and chantilly. A scent that transports you to springtime in Paris, sampling pastries in the sun – what’s not to love!