What happens when you merge the know-how of FaceGym with the artistic prowess of make-artist Isamaya Ffrench? Enter Sculpt 01 a sleek new facial tool ready to become a part of your skincare and makeup preparation rituals.

Dubbed “The home of facial fitness,” FaceGym is renowned for its offering of face workouts that combine signature muscle training, advanced tech tools and curated skincare with the best aspects of traditional facials, while Issamaya Ffrench has garnered a cult following for her luminous glow, and punchy product line. Born out of joint admiration for each other's work, this new partnership between two female founders signals an exciting evolution in the face tool space.

“We both value skin prep and the importance of facial massage,” says Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym. “We’ve been competing for quite some time about who has the most tools and gua shas. We’re aligned in our belief in beauty tools and the results that we can get from them.”

The product comes at a time when facial tools are experiencing a resurgence, the most popular being the flat stone gua sha, an ancient Chinese massage tool designed to stimulate circulation and increase blood flow. So what sets Sculpt 01 apart from its counterparts? “It has so many different applications. From lymphatic drainage, massage and sculpting to de puffing and tension release. Most tools are made of stone, this one is metal so you can keep it cold in the fridge for a more dramatic result,” says Isamaya.

While FaceGym is renowned for its pre-red carpet beautifying service, Sculpt 01 offers a unique proposition by addressing tension release in both the face and scalp on the go. “This is the perfect tool to prep for your topical skincare and before applying your make-up,” explains Inge. “The tool warms up the skin, which means skincare is absorbed better and makeup sits much better too,” agrees Isamaya.

The comb edge is for use on the neck to stimulate lymphatic drainage, the large curved edge is for contouring cheeks and nasolabial folds, while the ball tip targets reflexology points along the brow for a natural lift and the scalp claw helps relieve scalp tension to promote overall scalp and hair health.

“You don’t need to wake up an hour earlier to plan a full face massage before your skincare routine. Literally two minutes and a few repetitive strokes up the cheeks and down the neck will boost depuffing, circulation and lymphatic drainage,” says Isamaya. The steely design, aligned with the rest of the Isamaya Beauty line, is complemented by exclusive tutorials curated by the make-up artist and experts from FaceGym, so everyone can integrate Sculpt 01 into their daily routines.

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