Although TikTok beauty routines run the gamut from innovative to downright inadvisable (at-home teeth filing, anyone?), here at Because, we’re firm advocates of the platform’s latest trend, the Everything shower. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, the Everything shower encompasses, well, everything: on top of the regular shampoo and conditioner, it may also include body exfoliation, hair removal, scalp scrubs and more. An approach to pampering that leaves no holds barred, part of the joy of the Everything shower is its inclusive quality.

We may not all have bottomless bathtubs or high-pressure shower heads, but within that cascade of warm water and whatever products we can get our hands on, an oasis of calm is possible. And although the four-hour showers reported by some TikTok users may sound a bit excessive, we’re not ones to shower shame. Discover how the Because team power their shower below!

Augustine Hammond, Fashion & Culture Writer

Eve Bailey, Fashion Coordinator 

Matteo Pini, Editorial Assistant 

Emma McDonough, Fashion Assistant