For many, A.P.C. is a true bastion of minimalist fashion, a stronghold in the face of extravagance and a reliable source for well-made, well-designed wardrobe staples. With a “return to the essential” being one of the French brand’s design pillars, it makes perfect sense that A.P.C. is expanding on its universe with the launch of a new Self-Care line. With six “essential” body care products, now you can dress up and lather up in A.P.C. great quality goods.

Founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou, A.P.C. was antithetical to the maximalism that defined much of 80s style. While many brands were emphasising shoulders and deploying glamour, A.P.C. was simplifying silhouettes and opting for a muted colour palette. Embodying a “less is more” DNA, Touitou appreciated an unfussy approach to design and dressing. Nearly 40 years later, the French brand maintains its signature look – identifiable by clean lines, high-quality denim and fine knits – and a loyal customer base of like-minded minimalists.

With the exciting introduction of Self-Care, A.P.C. is expanding on their already well-established world, entering both our wardrobes and washbags. The six new products include, a lip balm, hand lotion, body lotion, cologne, body soap, and hand soap, all scented in refreshing orange blossom – the base of its ever-popular candle No.4. A calming aroma of neroli is produced from the bitter orange and the citrusy notes allow for a refreshing scent that eases the mind and body.

Formulated with over 98% all-natural ingredients, the Self-Care line steers away from overpowering additives and provides a gentle touch – much like the tenderness of its organic cotton and wool clothing. 

A.P.C. wouldn’t be the first fashion house to dip its toes in the tempting world of beauty. With many brands wanting to expand on their offering, beauty and body care lines are becoming increasingly popular ways of signifying the spirit of a fashion house, without having to totally break the bank. One brand is Prada, which relaunched its beauty line back in 2023, with products for eyes, lips and complexion. Beautifully presented in weighty metallic packaging, Prada’s refillable products act as small luxuries that elevate the mundane tasks of swiping on a lip balm or patting in a serum. Paco Rabanne also launched a beauty line last year, bringing its space-age sensibilities to your everyday visage.

For A.P.C., our bodies really are our temples as summarised in a Nietzsche quote printed on the back of each Self-Care product which reads, “I am a body through and through, nothing more: and the soul is just a word for something in the body”. And after the madness of fashion month, while our souls may be a little trampled and in need of recovery, at least we have Self-care to ensure that we put on a relaxed and refreshing physical front.

By Olivia Barrett

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