There's no better feeling than post-sun skin. When the hard work that goes into applying enough SPF while on sunlounger rotation to get all the right angles pays off; that post-shower moisturisation which makes your newly formed tan lines pop and the excitement to slip into something white for the evening to really accentuate your golden glow. But what if sunbathing is not your thing or you can't be whisked off to somewhere hot but are desperate for sunkissed skin – fast?

Fake it? Some of us are fearful of faking it. Terrified of stained sheets, streaky orange lines and the heady biscuit smell some at-home fake tans exude, but it seems fake tan is undergoing renaissance. Hailey Bieber took to TikTok to tell her 10 million followers that she swears by Tan-Luxe’s Self-tan water spray; Miley Cyrus loves cult tanning brand Dolce Glow so much she became an investor this year; while fake tan has amassed nearly 2.5 billion views on TikTok.

According to Euromonitor International, the global self-tanning market, valued at $597mn in 2019, is forecast to be worth $735mn this year. Call it the Barbie effect, or just another nostalgic beauty trend, fake tan is back and brighter than ever.

Because caught up with, James Harknett, something of a fake tan guru, and a specialist in bespoke airbrush tanning with residency in Soho’s W London Hotel to ask the important questions…

How have you seen the tanning space change over the past year

"In the last twelve months, I have seen a shift in regards to consumer awareness, when it comes to tanning. They are actively seeking brands who not only make them look great but promote skin health and are sustainable. For example, Three Warriors ensure that all their plant-derived ingredients have been ethically sourced from Tasmania, which has the oldest growth rain forests and purest water. The organic olives sourced from its groves are hand pressed into the most skin-nourishing oils."

What is the key to a good fake tan?

"The key to a great-looking fake tan is finding a product that mimics the way your skin would naturally tan in the sun. I suggest looking for a tan that includes a violet base colour, as this helps eliminate any orange tones. Remember, preparation is crucial. Exfoliate and hair removal should be fine 24 hours before applying the tan to ensure the skin is in the best condition for the tan."

Why is tanning a worthwhile beauty trend?

"Tanning is an important beauty trend because of its transformative qualities – it makes eyes brighter, bodies look more sculpted, and outfits pop – all of which boost confidence and a positive mental attitude. It’s a fantastic base to build a make-up look on or for just a healthy glowing more natural effect. It has been a trend since the 1930s and has demonstrated its staying power and importance in the beauty world."

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