This morning the Northern Hemisphere witnessed the summer solstice, marking the high point of summer – or midsummer – when the sun reaches its closest point to the earth. The word solstice means “the Sun stands still” because that is what actually seems to occur during a solstice point from our perspective on Earth.

This morning, thousands descended on Stonehenge in Wiltshire, the ancient stone circle site that for years has been the meeting point to celebrate solstice since the Neolithic era. And although we're not making the pilgrimage there to bathe in the morning rays and watch the sunrise through its prehistoric arches on the longest day of the year, we are bottling the essence of this time of year with our selection of the best summer solstice scents. Capturing the mysticism, shifting seasons and blooms of late June.

Ffern, Summer 23
We couldn't do a solstice scents round-up without mentioning Ffern. The natural perfumers release new scents four times a year, at each solstice and equinox, issuing a new scent for the season ahead. Their latest fragrance ‘Summer 23’ evokes the final days of summer – think peach-coloured skies through notes of apricot, the syrupy freshness of peach and a delicate hint of rejuvenating tea.

Björk & Berries, Solstice
A literal interpretation of the longest day of the year, Björk & Berries’ aptly named Solstice honours ancient midsummer traditions, by merging bright neroli and soft orange blossoms with deep amber and cashmere wood, combined with soothing lavender, this scent lets everyone in on the magical celebrations.

Aesop, Hwyl 
My boyfriend’s been wearing this perfume for a while now and its heady forestry notes really capture the whimsical, woody nature of the solstice. Aesop's tight edit of complex fragrances can be worn all year round but I found myself spritzing this one today to mark the event.

Floral Street, Sunflower Pop
Over the solstice, sunflowers are worn and carried to honour the sun’s power – its rays give life and nourish the land. Floral Street's Sunflower Pop is inspired by the yellow-tipped sunflowers from the brush of Van Gogh. Bottling the flower's symbolism in citrus notes and sun-soaked fruits.

Byredo, Sundazed
The perfect perfume for summer sun gazers. Byredo's Sundazed is a hazy, ethereal depiction of a summertime – harnessed through refreshing citrus with a sugary-sweet quality. 

L'objet, Rose Noire
Roses are another bloom that adorns headdresses during the festivities and this deep, rich rose scent by L'objet (far removed from the ones your grandma would wear) does just the job. Capturing the season in all its mysticism and mystique.

Orto Parisi, Seminalis
The Romans celebrated the summer solstice with opulent parties and sexual revelry. While Orto Parisi’s Seminalis (thankfully) does not smell like its titular bodily fluid, its creamy musk and white chocolate notes pay homage to this libidinal time of year.