Forget the myth of eternal youth. At this point, in our digital blue screen lit worlds, all we want is to look well rested. Sure, a slick hairstyle and a lick of lipstick go a long way, but the reality of the old adage "a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book," might point to something we can all aim for.

But do any of us actually get 8 hours of sleep, the recommended amount for good, congnitive function and support of the body's ability to repair and regenerate tissueScientific studies consistently show that adequate sleep supports emotional well-being and immune system functions as well. It enhances memory consolidation, regulates mood, and promotes physical recovery. Insufficient sleep is linked to various health issues, emphasizing the importance of a full night's rest.

So imagine a moisturizer that promises the benefit of 8 hours of sleep on your skin, delivered in a refillable bottle as a golden juice that also smells like paradise? Well, there's no real need to imagine it actually, as CHANEL's latest innovation, SUBLIMAGE L'Extrait de Nuit, has recently launched to capture the essence a good night's rest and deliver it straight to your face.

SUBLIMAGE L'Extrait de Nuit takes into account the skin's chronobiological factors, delivering powerful ingredients in rhythm with our skin's natural evening rhythms. Enriched with a potent, naturally derived chrono peptide in the form of Vanilla Planifolia this is an ingredient traditionally harvested by hand, by women in Madagascar and cultivated in an open-sky laboratory. Vanilla Planifolia will literally bloom for 24 hours only, and Chanel use the flower, its stem and everything within the plant to deliver the botanical power in a tiny molecule within. Temperature, water, humidity and light - these are the elements that are finely tuned and sit alongside A Chanel-established women's night school programme to continue their education and support the local community.

We haven't even gotten to the Himalayan swertia flower! Hang on! Because this superplant is grown in Bhutan and only blooms every three years. Yes, you've read that right. How on earth Chanel discovered how its properties could combine with Vanilla Planifolia to kickstart zombie cells in our aging skins to get a lift and instant benefits remains a closely guarded secret (obvs) but we do know that its powerful result as an
ultra-concentrated skincare delivers, and delivers fast. 

Housed in a double-walled glass vessel that can be refilled as many times as desired, Chanel is also designing for the future to reduce less waste and landfill. One pump mixed in with your night time moisturizer and over a series of nights, skin looks tighter and plump...exactly what 8 hours of sleep does! Lightbulb moment!

It's not cheap. At £620 for 30ml, this is an investment in your face. But remember - Bhutanese swertia only blooms every 3 years! Handpicked, Madagascar naturally grown Vanilla Planifolia in a 24 hour frenzy to get it at its peak moment! And the appearance of a well rested night? We say you can't put a price on the rarity of what 8 hours of sleep does to your skin. Magic in a bottle.

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