Perfume is the most personal accessory, an extension of one’s self that wafts into the room before you do. And there's no better way to express your best self this spring, than with a sophisticated and grounded woody fragrance.

Spring scents, which are typically fresh and floral, arguably often lack gusto. While woody scents, firmly rooted in nature, are inherently cleansing and earthy in our opinion, and when well-balanced they can bring a welcome richness to your fragrance repertoire; sure to make you stand out.

According to The Perfume Shop, the UK's largest specialist fragrance retailer (their words, not ours!), “woody scents are characterised by aromatic or citrus head notes, crisp woody notes in the heart and dominant resin or wood at the base. Popular woody notes include sensual sandalwood, fresh pine, rich vetiver and classic cedarwood.”

Bursting with heady orange and juniper wood, cooling black pepper, sandalwood, and cedar, Perfumer H’s woodland fragrance does just the job. Since 2015, founder Lyn Harris has gained a reputation for her scents that capture intimate encounters with the natural world – from salt and rain clouds to ivy and sweet pea . The new fragrance ‘Wood Land’ is made in collaboration with Sonya Park, of Arts&Science. A concept store that first opened in 2003 on a narrow alleyway in Tokyo’s trendy Daikanyama district and now has outposts globally.

Briefed with creating a scent that imagines what an oasis of woodland would smell like in central Tokyo, Perfumer H created a cleansing fragrance that offers a green escape from concrete homogeny. Without a doubt this scent is ‘woody’, but its notes of sweetness and warming spice combine to add complexity to this fragrance.

And while you should never judge a book by its cover, let's be honest, branching out into a new perfume is always more tempting when it comes in a beautiful bottle. As with all of Perfumer H’s lotions and potions, Wood Land comes housed in a hand-blown glass vessel – meticulously made over a two-day period and part of a collaboration with master Glass Blower Michael Ruh. A bonus: the brand has a refill service so you can keep wearing this mystifying scent with eco-credentials for years to come.

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