For any of us that have picked up a red lipstick and applied it on to our lips know the power that it instils. To elevate a non-makeup day, top off an evening outfit or inject overall excitement into your look, the red lip has traversed traditions and trends. Elizabeth Taylor famously counselled women to “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together,” while MAC’s Russian Red, was worn by Madonna during her “Blond Ambition” tour in 1990, but the red lip has remained an icon of its own.

Red lipstick dates back 5,000 years ago when the Sumerian Queen Puabi crushed gemstones to perfect her pout, and Cleopatra further expanded the red lip amongst her Egyptian followers using carmine beetle skin. Fortunately, these days we don’t have to rely on rocks and insects to achieve highly pigmented lips, and there are a plethora of textures, luminosity and shades to experiment with in all hues.

We all know pink is having something of a moment, so why not switch your trusted red for a Margot Robbie-approved alternative or opt for a deep dark plum to channel your inner Wednesday? In the immortal words of Coco Chanel, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” So, this National Lipstick Day (which happens to fall tomorrow) take note from Coco, apply your lipstick and don’t let the rainy weekend weather dampen your mood.

Here are the best lippies to shop now…