We’re all looking for quick-fix solutions to slim down our skin and hair care routines while saving a buck. And here at Because, we’re guilty of having bathroom cabinets bursting at the seams, choc-full of close-to-empty bottles we no longer use, out-of-date oils and aged moisturisers that have gone claggy.

It's time to overhaul our wash bags, pass on products we’re bored of, clean out those hidden corners of the cosmetic cupboard and give that shimmer-flecked moisturizer we’ve never used a new home. Commit to using up a gel or a cream for a couple of weeks so we can make way for a new one. And what better way to restore that empty space than with fresh multi-tasking products that do it all in one bottle?

Enter the travel and budget-friendly, multi-use oils that you can use on your face, body and hair.

Earl of East, Shinrin-Yoku All Over Oil

We’ve been trailing Earl of East’s new all-over body oil for a couple of months now and our routines have never been slicker. It’s great for locking in that all-important summer tan, nourishing ends and keeping skin silky smooth – plus it’s not too sticky so can be applied before bed after showering after a hot day. Scented with an earthy blend of cedarwood, juniper and black pepper, which aims to replicate the therapeutic practice of forest bathing, the oil can be used on the face, body, brows, beard and added to your bath for ultimate indulgence.

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Le Prunier, Plum Beauty Oil

After Chrissy Teigen crowned this multi-use oil “magic,” it was hardly surprising that upon launching Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil was met with a waitlist of 25,000 people. Founded by three sisters who upcycle organic plum by-products from their fourth-generation family farm, the product’s astonishingly simple formula harnesses the power of the plum. Packed full of antioxidants, polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins, the oil is highly absorbent, and weightless on the skin. Drip a few droplets into your daily moisturizer or run it through your hair to notice its healing and protecting qualities.

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The Ordinary, Cold-Pressed Marula

Many of us live in fear of facial oils, worrying our precious skin would end up greasy and clogged. Luckily, this antioxidant-rich marula oil from The Ordinary is luxuriously lightweight and can be used as an oil cleanser as well as a plumping final step to your skincare routine. It can also be applied to eyebrows for definition and shine, or mix a few drops with a spoonful of sugar for a makeshift scalp scrub.

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Bourii, Grounding Vata Body Oil

Named after an endangered plant species native to the founder mother’s hometown in Persia (Northern Iran) called Lilium Ledebourii, Bourii’s tight edit of three all-encompassing oils - Vata, Pitta and Kapha – aims to bring plant power to every step of your routine. Opt for “Grounding Vata,” a heady, warming oil with a base of rich organic almond and sesame oils (sesame was also Cleopatra's preferred choice, by the way, and she didn’t do too badly!). Nutty and deep, apply this oil all over and press it onto pulse points for added calm on the go.

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Bread Beauty Supply Macadamia Oil

Take a loaf of bread, the bare essential to every diet. The foodstuff that has kept generations fed for centuries. Now enter the cult beauty brand Bread, to which the humble loaf gives its name. Aiming to redefine the beauty space with pared-back, fragrance-free products Bread’s Cold-pressed oils can be used all over. This particular product harnesses Macadamia oil’s nourishing and moisturising superpowers. The oil can treat stretch marks and fade scars, prevent chapping and help smooth and repair dry hair.

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Diptyque, Satin Oil For Body and Hair

We’re big fans of Diptyque’s range of essential high-quality, oil-packed lotions, potions and home fragrances. This product for body and hair takes infusing our lives with the essence of Diptyque one step further. Blending notes of jasmine, ylang ylang and saffron — the oil is reminiscent of Rhodes' aromatic plant life and sun-soaked fragrances. The oil soothes and softens the skin and hair with avocado oil and refined urucum oil while creating a satiny sheen, perfect for summer evenings.

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Waitrose, Duchy Organic Fairtrade Coconut Oil

Looking for something a little more low-key? Head into your local supermarket and pick up a pot of coconut oil from the condiments aisle. You can apply this whenever in need of instant and direct moisturisation (lips, knees, elbows, heels and hair ends) or brush it through your brows and lashes overnight to promote growth and aid repair. It's a hero product we couldn't go without mentioning and one that should be a firm fixture in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.

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