Since MERIT first landed in the UK back in February, we’ve been obsessing over its lightweight, silky-smooth formulas and brilliant buildability. Since then, the LA-based brand has well and truly shaken the so-called “minimalist” beauty sector – which champions a less is more, 5-minute morning approach – with pared-back products that have actually replaced former mainstays in our make-up bags. Despite being a tad sceptical about new brand launches in such an oversaturated market, after 6 months of trying and testing we can say for sure that this one merits approval!

So, it's no surprise that when we heard echoes from across the pond the brand was launching its first series of eyeshadows we couldn't help but squeak with excitement. Bringing “wearability and maturity back to colour cosmetics,” the brand is setting out to further enforce its minimalist mission. MERIT bids farewell to the kaleidoscopic multi-shade palettes we are all used to seeing and which often result in wasted product depending on our preference in hues, instead offering “solo shadows” in eight individual shades. The collection includes statement cool-toned grey, mauve, navy, and green – plus four highly wearable neutrals, for mastering your latte look.

According to audience insight analyst, Nielson, eyeshadow sales dropped 42% in 2020, as consumers pivoted to curated routines of skin-focused essentials. But with makeup sales rebounding and renewed interest in the colour category, eyeshadow became the most requested product in MERIT’s 2022 consumer surveys, thus, spurring the launch of the new shadow collection.

The brand proposes that even bolder make-up applications, like a colourful eye make-up look, can easily become a part of your daily routine. And the product’s buttery, waterproof, non-creasing formula, plus its curated edit of tasty shades, means that there’s something for everyone to experiment with.

MERIT’s Solo Shadow will be available to buy from August 22nd…

By Augustine Hammond