Wander down any London street this week and you’ll spot buds of blossom and magnolia and beds of daffodils blooming at last. Since the clocks sprung forward, it seems the city's flowers have come out of hibernation; and despite the rain – here at Because we’re sensing a whiff of positivity as we enter April.

LOEWE perfumes are also embracing this shift in the seasons with their latest Eau de Parfum, Aire Anthesis. Fittingly, the fragrance takes its name from the Latin botanical name for the moment that a flower’s bud bursts into bloom. The result? An aquatic, fruity and ambery fragrance with floral notes of lily of the valley that aptly bottles the moment.

LOEWE’s extensive edit of Botanical Rainbow perfumes has captured our imagination with its beautiful packaging and evocations, each bottle housed in a kaleidoscope of colourful glass and packaged in boxes featuring a romantic b&w still life shot. Not to mention its unique fragrance set, one that surpasses generic aromatic offerings by some of the fashion houses!

Now featuring almost 30 fragrances, each unique scent falls into one of six families (Agua, Aire, Aura, Esencia, 7 and Pour Homme), all of which represent a different side of the Spanish fashion house. Ranging from Aqua Mar de Coral – a citrusy scent with notes of grapefruit and tangerine that aims to capture the essence of coastline to Earth EDP, which expertly blends truffle, pear, mimosa and violet to create a warm and musky aroma in homage to the fungi kingdom.

The new scent, Anthesis joins the Aire family, which is already made up of three elemental and uplifting scents inspired by the fresh and pure air that surrounds us (a welcome break from London’s smog). It also happens to be the first aroma from the collection to feature the exclusive ‘LOEWE Accord’— a newly created note crafted by the brand's in-house nose, Nuria Cruelles, based on the rockrose, a delicate yet hardy wildflower native to Spain. With extra notes of pear, peony, sandalwood and rhubarb, another new ingredient to the Botanical Rainbow, the scent is the enlivening antidote we all need this spring.

The perfume officially launches today at perfumesloewe.com