In the depths of lockdown when we were all practising our handwashing and chanting "Happy Birthday to You" by the sink, the East London-based husband and wife duo behind Horosoaps decided to lighten things up. They set out to put the silliness back into soap, with a new 100% sustainable, handmade, vegan and local brand we're loving here at Because HQ! 

We caught up with the co-founder Rebecca Matthews to find out more… 

Tell us a bit more about Horosoaps. And what made you set up the brand? 
Horosoaps started in lockdown when my husband and I scrolled through Instagram posts about star signs and how silly but hilariously accurate we found them. We wanted to create something tailor-made for different personalities, a product that could aid people in celebrating everyone’s flaws in a funny and sustainable way, which is how Horosoaps came about. 

We were highly conscious about putting another brand into the world, so we needed to make sure we created a brand that was 100% sustainable and not making a negative impact on the planet, hence why our soaps are vegan and handmade by real people in the UK. We also didn’t want a brand that took itself too seriously. The sustainable beauty and wellness industry can be pretty daunting, so we want to cut through that and make a product that puts a smile on your face.

What sets you apart from other brands in the sustainable beauty sector?
Our personal approach, each bar is tailor-made for each star sign. Libra, for example, has a strong case of FOMO and is prone to being indecisive. We paired frankincense to soothe that FOMO and bergamot to uplift for clarity in decision-making. 

How do you come up with your formulations and cheeky slogans?
The formulation for the base of all 12 bars is coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter as we wanted a really nourishing base, a firm bar that wasn’t too soft to handle but at the same time lathers very well. Then the parings of scents and ingredients started by firstly looking at certain personality flaws each star sign has and looking at what natural ingredients could aid these, whether that be tea tree for a really deep cleanse (Scorpio) or Ylang ylang (Cancer, Virgo Capricorn) to reduce anxiety. 

Regarding the cheeky slogans, we really reined in on the most vital characteristic we could relate to each star sign looking at people we know. I’m a Pisces, and Ian a Taurus, so those 2 were the easiest to nail first!

What are your hopes for the future of eco-conscious beauty? 
To catch up with how conscious we are in other industries about sustainability, i.e., fashion and food. Big Beauty in Victoria Park is helping people become more aware of what’s in their bathroom cabinets. Like the fashion industry, I think we all need to start buying beauty more slowly and consciously. We don’t need 30 different serums or 6 types of shampoo; we all need to seek out better brands for your specific needs. So get yourself one of our soapy bars because our soap knows you very well. 

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