During Couture Week this past July, we got a sneak peek into the new Chanel Beauty launch, so secretive that we had to sign an NDA a month prior. And it all made sense once we stepped into their Rue Cambon presentation, next door to the address where the entire collection was borne from, steps away from Coco Chanel's own apartment. 31 Le Rouge was unveiled, Chanel Beauty's first ever lipstick housed in slick, (harder than you think to produce) glass cases that are precious, collectible and better yet, refillable. Years in R&D have finally culminated into a highly satisfying, tactile bullet of glass housing delicious colours to adorn oneself, launching in September.

12 shades of 31 Le Rouge are all inspired by elements within Coco's famed apartment and her life.  Called a "wardrobe" of colours, you can find
Rouge 2.55, a deep and sophisticated garnet inspired by the lining of an iconic handbag. Rouge Fétiche, a crisp crimson, is the colour of the flannel ribbons that Mademoiselle wore around her ankles like amulets leading up to the release of a new collection (note to selves: tie ribbons round ankles as good luck charms!).  There is Rouge Roman, an elegant rosewood that calls to mind the binding of her treasured tomes, which Coco kept on display in her apartment, near to her at all times. Rouge Privé is a shade infused with the same mystery that surrounds the door at the top of the mirror-lined staircase at 31 rue Cambon and the famous words that appear upon it: “Mademoiselle Privé”. Tempting.

It took four years for Chanel Beauty's director of packaging to make the glass case sturdy enough for daily use, a vessel for the colour that could withstand the bashing at the bottom of our handbags or inevitable drop as we rush around to get ready. The same woman who worked on perfecting the click of antecedent lipstick cases, and perfecting the Coco Mademoiselle glass perfume bottles, enlisted the expertise of a master glassmaker from Japan, carving sleek lines that beautifully encapsulate the heritage of the iconic brand, and pushed to find a solution to using one of the most sustainable materials.

 Its innovative refill system allows us to switch shades without finishing the entire bullet, a nice touch for those of us who like to switch up our daily lipstick shades and don't want to carry multiple lipsticks in our bag! Beyond its beauty, 31 Le Rouge boasts a formula with skincare benefits too, with an addition of maracuja oil—which is derived from the passionfruit plant— to its texture, it adds a layer of hydration.

Delving deep into Gabrielle's own treasures and linking new shades with meaning, and innovation in packaging - not only beautiful but with sustainability and longevity in mind - all of this makes 31 Le Rouge an exciting development in the lipstick landscape. No wonder we had to sign an NDA. But glad we can now share!

You're going to have to wait until September to buy the new 31 Le Rouge lipstick range, so instead, why not indulge in some Chanel skincare here below: