London life really takes its toll on all of our skin, with the city’s nickname “The Big Smoke” starting to make a lot of sense. The polluted skies, tube dirt and infamous hard water trigger breaks outs and suck all the essential moisture out of our skin. We’re no skincare experts, but it didn’t take much research to understand that a solution to urban skin clog-ups is to build up the outermost layer of our skin. According to the internet, our skin is a protective barrier which regulates hydration and creates a physical shield against external and environmental factors –  think of it like a breathable layer of cling film to keep pollutants out.

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TikTok viral skincare brand BYOMA is here to help – ready to defeat over-treated, over-exfoliated skin with derm-approved skin science and ethically sourced ingredients. Its recent launch of seven skin-saving products focuses on boosting your precious barrier and counteracting any harsh products or other TikTok trends which may have damaged it. Its strapline “boost, build, balance and brighten,” is an enterprise in pursuit of a simplified skin routine, yes please. And as beauty brands go, the tight edit of products are really well priced, starting at £9.99 and available to pick up in your local Boots!

Not to mention, the brand is big on sustainability as well as transparency, breaking down every component on its packaging so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face, plus the products are all alcohol, fragrance and cruelty-free – what’s not to love!

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By Flossie Killingley