For all of us, perfume is wholly personal. Whether it's your everyday favourite fragrance or special occasion spritz, the scents we grow attached to come to define moments in time. “The moment I’m trying to capture is always clear. It's just about getting there,” says Stina Seger, the founder of the new fragrance brand, BIBBI, who specialise in niche unisex perfumes, which each tell their own story.

The contemporary fragrance house was initiated in collaboration with Stina’s husband, Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, who also happens to be the founder of Vilhelm Parfumerie (which he sold to an investor in 2018 and is no longer part of the business). His 'Room Service' scent from his time there is one of our favourite perfumes. BIBBI, however, borrows Stina’s childhood nickname and draws inspiration from her own deeply personal, esoteric sources.

Eager to explore ancient meditation philosophies, Stina spent three transformative years on a remote island, delving deep into her meditation practice and her own consciousness. Upon entering this newfound meditative state, Stina was met with a universe of bright Klein Blue. “Everything is rendered in this deep blue colour and it's actually the colour of the sixth chakra so it’s quite common to see when you're doing meditation.” This potent shade went on to define BIBBI, in the bottle and packaging design; slogan (“A Journey in Blue”) and feeling of each scent.

Also a writer, each unique aroma is defined by a story penned by Stina, who presents a mood board to expert perfumers who then carefully curate the scent. “I have a secret dream of becoming a [published] author,” says Stina, “writing comes very naturally to me and it's a good way to communicate where I want to get to with a scent.”

Leaving a warm but zesty impression, Ghost of Tom “draws inspiration from the fact it is commonly known that 2% of the beings around us are not human,” says Stina, “and the only way to sense their presence is through their addictive tea-like scent.” Loaded with citrus, bergamot and cassis, the scent is offset by black tea, birch tree and black amber, channelling the ethereal beings commonly known as the Ghosts of Tom.

Other scents include:
Pistachio Game, Santal Beauty, Radio Child, Iris Wallpaper, The Other Room

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