Are you eager to embrace more colour within your daily make-up routine? Why not use some of that new sunlight we’re getting to reflect and refract some bold colour hints? Make-up artist Nöemie Adebiyi has some easy ways to do just that in our video.

Nöemie shows us how to introduce vibrant colours in a more subtle way with the right blend and gradient application on the cheeks, eyes and lips!

1. Start by applying a cloud-like base and powder over any unwanted shine.

2. Next, accentuate your cheekbones with a kiss of pink blending up and out into your hairline for a full rosy effect. 

3. Then add painterly strokes of lilac to the corner and centre of your eyelids – don’t worry if you lack the precision of a makeup artist, the looser the strokes the better.

4. Line your lips with a neutral shade for definition and dab on a bold shade of fuchsia to their very centre.

5. Finally, slowly blend the rich pigment using a flat brush and gently top it with transparent balm for added sheen.

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