L'Objet is getting personal. Renowned for its exquisite home fragrance and chic design offerings, the brand is embarking on a new venture marking an expansion of its creative horizons. The label, founded by Elad Yifrach, has unveiled a four-piece collection of nature-inspired eau de parfums. Taking a leap into the world of perfumery, L'Objet seeks to captivate the senses on the body, rather than our spaces.

The debut collection is designed to transport wearers to captivating moments and places. From the evocative spirit of Paris in 1969 and a velvety mix of exotic roses to the drenched scents of a forest after rainfall and the Corsican rocky shores, the fragrances capture the essence of nature's wonders and bring them to life in a deeply personal – and luxurious way!

Because caught up with the founder to find out more… 

What inspired your venture into fragrances?

"I started the brand 18 years ago and, the concept evolved over time and it was always about touching the senses. So we were constantly exploring different elements, materials and mediums that touch the senses. Because we started as a design brand focusing on home and tableware, the world of home fragrance was the first venture into scent. But I've always been very fascinated by perfumes and their power in awakening emotions and making a statement. And the ultimate expressionof intimacy with fragrance is perfume, so I always wanted to explore it. It just took a little longer because we came from a design background rather than a beauty one. 

How do you translate your knowledge about the home into perfume? How is it carried over?

"Over the years my work has been developed almost into a language. Its all about beautiful raw materials, and then how craftsmanship brings them to life. Its the same with fragrance, its about identifying the raw materials that are most inspiring and then the craftsmanship is in creating the formula, right?”

The thing that unites all of your new fragrances is is this link to nature. Why do you plough nature for inspiration when you're making fragrances? Why is it important to look to the natural world?

"Because I feel that to me, nature smells best on us because we are part of nature. So it's my go-to. It's an organic match. Even in our design when we use very clean materials, our ceramic and porcelain is all very clean and pure. We don't have any synthetics in our making. Even our glazes, they're all organic. It's something that we’ve never spoken about because organic is not part of the luxury brand lingo, but it's what makes the pieces unique. I naturally gravitated towards those raw ingredients when making my scents also.”

Why is fragrance personally important to you and do you have like a first perfume memory?

“My mother used to wear, she still does, but since then she's experimenting more. But she used to wear Must De Cartier all the time. I remember that she would preciecley dot it onto her neck and wrists, like a ritual. It was very strong and would linger all day. My father wore   a Paco Rabanne after shave – so eighties.  I grew up in Israel, so whenever my family from the US would visit my mother would always ask them to bring bottles of fragrance over. But I think that was like my first real experience of fragrance was through food. My parents are from Morocco originally, and my grandparents always had amazing mint tea brewing and lots of orange blossom cakes. I’ll never forget those.

Are there any fragrance trends you're noticing at the moment?

“I try not to follow a specific trend. I'm trying to just create from a place that inspires me and what feels right for the brand, the language that we're building and that's what feels authentic to me with anything that we are introducing. So even in the design, we don't follow a trend. We, just create our own.”

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