There's no doubt we have a big packaging waste problem. The silly amount of boxing, plastic and stuffing found on foodstuffs, luxury goods, and web deliveries is now legendary - there are even tiktok accounts dedicated to the not-so-funny amount of huge boxes and stuffing for tiny items.

But the rise of refillables, zero-waste packaging and compostable solutions are most definitely on the rise, and the beauty industry is possibly one of the best at pushing these alternatives towards mainstream acceptance. And right now, we're loving SBTRCT's solid skincare with a mission to reduce waste and provide skin and hair care solutions that work.

These are waterless so to activate them, you need to to add a dash of splash and lather up. "Solid skincare with intention" is a great tagline and we love their geometric, pared back shapes and soft pastel colours that sit on paired trays. This is a brand to believe in.


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