In these strange times, we could all use a bit more sensuality.

Many have come to love Narciso Rodriguez fragrances for heart of musc, the sensual olfactory signature found in all the for her scents. For Musc Noir Rose, the brand’s latest release, perfumer Sonia Constant wanted to take this seduction to a maximum. “For me sensuality [in a fragrance] is when you apply perfume on the skin and can’t stop smelling it. It’s about the perfect blend between skin and fragrance,” Constant explains to me when I speak to her over the phone. To achieve this, the composition of Musc Noir Rose builds on contrasts: richer notes of leather, cedarwood and vanilla are complemented by luminous top notes of bergamot and pink peppercorn. A play of creamy tuberose and luscious plum blends to the scent’s musky qualities, making the fragrance rather irresistible.

“To make a Narciso Rodriguez perfume, the biggest piece of the puzzle is the heart of musc," Constant shares. "This is what makes the brand so beautiful, and the fragrances so recognisable for people.”

Just like a game of seduction, this perfume opens slowly, but when the full composition reveals itself, it does so elegantly. To Constant, the base notes are in fact what make a perfume of quality. “Sometimes perfumes are crafted to catch you with the top notes, but then the middle and base notes can be very deceptive. Narciso Rodriguez perfumes are made the other way around – the top doesn’t shout, and the real beauty lies in the heart and base notes, creating this subtle scent trail behind you when you walk. I think that’s why so many people get stopped on the streets and asked what they are wearing when they have Narciso Rodriguez fragrances on.”

-Sylvia Sene

Musc Noir Rose is available nationwide from March 5th, 2022