Serge Lutens is opening the door to a new way of living with At Home” scents, its collection of home fragrances created over 5 olfactory journeys in 3 different formats.

This "olfactory quest" as he puts it is meant to awaken our senses and lull us into a cocoon of safety, delight and dreaminess at home: from the meditative Japanese mansion to the Scottish stone cottage, from the lush Moroccan night-time garden to an Arab palace with sumptuous woodwork, finishing the adventure with the familiar, clean and comforting embrace of a linen cupboard. Yum.

There's a room spray that diffuses a perfumed ambiance which evolves over time, subtlety unveiling its personality, alongside a more traditional incense as well as a room diffuser too. These all come out tomorrow, November 1st so be on the lookout for when they launch online!