You'll know our love of Hermes Rouge lipsticks from the constant love we give them - but how could we not? Delicious packaging in those tiny orange boxes, a little pouch, and then a satisfying and substantial tube in materials that feel très luxe.

Now comes a fiery trio of new lipstick colours with what they term "a volcanic" palette. Lava, combustion, and smelted ore: three blazing reds to frame those lips of yours.

Rouge Feu: a fiery red with an intense matte finish, as exuberant as the lava that erupts from the depths of the earth.

Rouge Cinabre: a vermilion red, shimmering like quicksilver, inspired by mercury sulphide which has long been associated with divination ceremonies and ancient frescoes.

And Rouge Grenat: a crimson red with translucent, mineral flashes of garnet, between red and purple, distinctive for being both metallic and matte. A subtle and modern touch.

The perfect lipsticks to pull out of your bag for an instant hit of glamour and fire. Available now.