Kit Bacon, Because's digital designer, was sent home to spend time with the new Foreo Bear - the so called gadget that gives your face a workout while deep cleansing. The self-confessed never-had-a-facial beauty obsessive (think more eyelashes, freckles and nails that the office oooohs and awwws over) was grilled to share with us how the latest beauty tech reacted to her virgin skin.

Because: So Kit - you've spent a week with the Foreo Bear? Are you a regular beauty gadget user?

Kit: While I'm definitely interested in it, it's not necessarily something I've used a lot of. But also I've never even had a facial so there is that! So it was quite interesting to experience it - so far it's been pretty effective.

Because: Well, your skin is looking pretty great! What does it feel like? Was it is it very shocking to your skin to use it?

Kit: So what I found the most shocking was how you really feel the buzz on your face, like it's piercing through the first layer of your skin. I'd only say it was like, not extremely painful, just a bit uncomfortable. If you have peach fuzz like I do , then maybe it's a bit weird at first. And when I went over my acne, that could get quite uncomfortable. 

Because: So when you first opened up the package, was it pretty clear as to how you would use products like the moisturizers and serums with the gadget?

Kit: Yeah, it literally came with instructions on how to download their app - they even
have tutorials. I would have no idea where to start without the video tutorials. It's only about two minutes long, and there are three options (one for contour, one to help wrinkles and one for how to shift the water we hold in our face, which I never heard about before!)

Because: Were you very devout and regular and used it twice a day?

Kit: You actually only have to use it once a day! So I used it at night, just because you really have to have a lot of serum on and I kind of don’t want to be a greaseball on my commute.

Because: Fair enough! So - it has multiple levels of vibration, from 1-10. What level did you typically do?

Kit: I used it on level five. I used it mainly around my chin and cheekbones and on the neck as well. I didn’t really like it on the neck, it’s just such a weird feeling for me. But I did try and test out the extremes, and level 10 genuinely hurt my face. So I stuck with level five! It’s really helpful having the tutorials which show you in which direction to move the Bear. And it tells you how much time to spend on each area. What I like about FOREO is that they’ve actually got science behind the tech. Oh, and something to note: your phone needs to be nearby when you are using the gadget, because you have to have the app and the tutorial opened while using that. I guess I’m going to get a bit annoyed at that in like a month when I know how to do it
and don’t need the tutorial anymore.

Because: Do you think if you’re seeing a real change in your skin, could you see this as a regular part of your routine? Or is it really like a one off when you want your cheekbones to be lifted?

Kit: Well, I know it’s not magical, you’re going to have to use it a lot in order to make it really
change your face. I imagine if I had a boozy weekend or was just on my period, which always
makes me a bit puffier, I might use it twice a day. I don’t think it will all of a sudden change my skin, but I definitely use it instead of a micro-needling stick. I’d rather use the FOREO for two minutes and it work well. My verdict? I’m going to keep using it and it will be interesting to see what my face looks like in like a month because I'm taking pictures every day. And today, which is day 10, basically no difference. But that’s fine. I'm patient and I'm enjoying the buzz.