Skin still warm from a day in the sun (SPF 50+ firmly lathered on, don't worry), gathering in the shade of a tree with your loved ones, the smell of fresh herbs being ground for a cooling drink – these are the scenes that Hermès' new unisex scent “Eau de Basilic Pourpre” evoke.

With the latest addition to Hermès' line of fragrances - some already iconic like Terre d'Hermès' one of our all-time favourites - Director of Creation and Olfactory Heritage for Hermès Parfums Christine Nagel has dreamt up an eau de cologne that captures the sun-soaked days of summer with purple basil in the spotlight.

In the manner of Hermès, the name combines an ingredient with a colour or the allusion to it, like its predecessors Blue Narcissus or Black Lemon. But why put basil, a rather simple herb most notable for topping spaghetti and acting as garnish, at the centre of a French house that stands for exuberant luxury and rarity?

Christine associates basil instinctively with moments of shared joy – a delicious meal with one's family after a long day at the beach, or clinking glasses full of fizz with friends at the bar on a hot summer day. With this simple yet perennial herb, Hermès interprets pure luxury in its new green bottle to be rooted in the simplicity of a summer holiday and its rituals and familiar ingredients.  “A burst of pleasure and freshness" Christiane shares, all of which we could all use a lot of right now.

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