According to one of our French colleagues, French babies are spritzed all the time. It's not an unusual tradition to scent one's toddler, though here in England one is less inclined to think a babe needs anything more than their own natural scent.

Yet with Herm├Ęs' new ode to tenderness, the fresh and light Cabriole eau de senteur, this is a perfume that is formulated for the skin as delicate as 3+ years, and might just change your opinion on spraying your child with perfume. In any case, you'll definitely want to catch those drops as the main ingredients of Osmanthus, Honeysuckle, and Sandalwood as imagined by parfumier Christine Nagel bring joy and delight to any skin.

Artist Alice Charbin's poetic and joyful illustrations bring the iconic lantern bottle and its orange box to life. Cabriole is available online exclusively at and while it may be sold out, do keep an eye out for when the website refreshes!