Once reserved for Coachella and carnivals, face gems are now on everyone’s eyelids.  Yes, sure, Euphoria was a huge influence this year with their supposed high school teens masterfully creating Pat McGrath style beauty looks in between recess and class, but who doesn't love a bit of suspended realism?

With this beauty meets face jewellery trend, everything goes: From sequins, to rhinestones
to pearls, this trend sets the stage for a whole new world of creative makeup making. Forget the perfect cateye or eyeliner slick that may take months, years or eons to perfect. 

We've found some great face gems from an unlikely source - ZARA. Having launched their beauty range during the pandemic in minimalist white packaging and top notch creative team, their gems are not just meant to round off blinged-out wrists, fingers, and necklines for the red carpet, but can be worn everywhere else too.

So pickup where ’90s grunge and glam rock left off - Think Gwen Stefani’s makeup for the MTV Video Music awards in 1998, and pop some in the corners of your eyes or along your lash line for an instant make-up upgrade. Pair them with an iridescent eyeshadow from ZARA too for that extra ethereal look.