You know Chanel must be seriously serious if they call their newest beauty range launch No. 1. After celebrating 100 years of No. 5, this month sees the scientists in Chanel's beauty labs offering up a multi-year, highly researched collection of creams, lip and cheek tints and foundations.

The star of the show is the red camilla, one of 3,000 hybrids of the camilla flower, already legendary in Chanel's lore and fashion stable. Concentrated red camellia extract, as a main ingredient in the No. 1 range, is meant to plump and revitalize tired, especially ageing skin, boosting cellular vitality.

 With this new launch, the N°1 DE CHANEL range is focused on creating minimal packaging waste and sustainably sourced and created natural ingredients.

The cream contains 95% naturally derived ingredients (1) and 70% camellia-derived ingredients. 


But rather than read about it, you have to try it for yourself. The rich velvety-ness of the cream immediately injects a sort of bounciness that is not heavy but delightful. The lip and cheek tint is a subtle two-fer and lifesaver in your purse for when you need to put a bit of life into your apples.

We all know that if you multiply 1 by anything, it remains itself. And so to Chanel's No. 1 - a new beauty collection to keep you, as you.

Discover the entire range on the Chanel website now by clicking HERE