Byredo's new range of liquid lipsticks has got us all sticky. The Stockholm- based label became hugely popular for their scents – you most certainly have smelled “gypsy water” on someone wafting by - and has since expanded into leather bags, and beauty.

In 2020, the brand launched a range of lipsticks which quickly became a fan favourite, partly due to their creamy formula, and a lot to do with the fun idiosyncratic, curved design. The “Liquid Lipstick Vinyl” is the first drop under Naples-born Lucia Pica, former creative make-up and colour designer for Chanel. It's an interesting pivot - from establishment to upstart and with this launch, it's a sign that the David's are energized.

Lucia's main inspiration for the collection was water – as an origin and force, a reflector for emotions. From that idea, the liquid lipstick emerged. “It all starts from clear; there is purity, rawness and the feel of the person, a vulnerability through transparency. At the same time, there is a sophistication in this neutral palette – I like that tension”, says Lucia. Sticking with the theme of water, her product seems creamier than your usual liquid lipsticks, gliding onto the lips.

The triple cylinder shape flows into a single cylinder, the shape reminiscent of a mountainous surface. Another bonus: They smell amazing. But we expected nothing less from a brand known for their unique scents.

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