One of the reasons we are such superfans of Serge Lutens is because of the power of his fragrances to transport us to other places with a simple whiff of a scent.  Because team favourites include La dompteuse encagée and Fleurs d'oranger, both so soft and fragrant in their layers of fragrance that are both elemental and complex.

But this is a story of the original starting point. Back in 1992, a spicy wood fragrance was introduced by the master perfumer (he had already been commissioned by Christian Dior to create their makeup line and had then become Artistic Director for the cosmetics group Shiseido, developing their international image that was full of iconic advertising images). This was Féminité du bois, a delicious cedarwood high note that was meant to conjure the " wisdom of the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains at the heart of its composition."

30 years since he launched his own brand, as well as his first boutique in Palais Royal (with just the one fragrance – Féminité Du Bois – mind you!)  and he remains a pioneer given it was the first ever unisex scent on the market at the time.

"A shock! It seems to me like for ages, femininity has been seen through the lens of softness and roundness and has been transcribed for the most part through sluggish, flowing, imprecise curves, while for me ‘Féminité du bois’ is the embodiment of the one who I dare to call ‘My Woman’!“ Serge Lutens

A new limited edition bottle of the Féminité Du Bois scent has launched at Harvey Nichols and will be available only until stocks last.