Wash, sanitise, wash, repeat. 
Our auto-piloted hand washing routine has been a defining feature in our lives the past year and we’ve been equipped with little bottles of anti-septic to throw in our handbags, keeping us covered on the go. Handwash bottles were stacked front and centre of every pharmacy you can imagine. So, it would seem timely to launch a body care brand when everyone is vying for intoxicating smells and lush moisturisers to chase away the alcoholic stings. But how do you do so in a saturated market, and during a pandemic to boot? To find out, we asked the newly-launched Herlum who has done just that.

Speaking on the challenges of launching during COVID-19, founder Isadora Belfort describes the experience as “a scary time on many levels.” One of those levels included tackling how to be a sustainable business in an era of a lot of noise and false-labelling. Having worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, Isadora became “disenchanted by the industry’s half-hearted engagement with social, ethical and environmental causes.” Her solution? Create a brand that speaks to her own values. Herlum is an embodiment of everything a wellness brand needs to be in our current climate: “a collection of safe, effective and sustainable solutions with beautiful unisex scents.” Its list of sustainable accolades is a long one: from being made locally in the U.K. with a vegan and palm-oil free formula to being housed in “ocean-bound recycled plastic and 100% recyclable packaging – even the pump.”

While the launch had been delayed from last September to March of this year, Herlum has gone straight to the shelves of Liberty London exclusively. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the brand is the inspiration Isadora takes from her Brazilian heritage. When asked how she fine-tuned the scent to find her perfect fragrance, Isadora reminisces on her childhood memories in Brazil “picking the berries from the jaboticaba and tamarind trees in my family’s garden.” Now how’s that for the kind of evocative scent that takes us away for a moment as we wash our hands at the sink?

Shop Herlum exclusively at Liberty below.

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