What... the Seed to Skin Cabana Bag.

Why... Because this considered collaboration ensures a world-class skincare set for wherever you may be wandering.

Whether you're a well seasoned traveller or just embarking on your once a year holiday, finding the balance between packing light, whilst not compromising on your essentials list is always a challenge. When it comes to the skincare department, a hassle-free solution comes in the form of a travel beauty kit; they give you the opportunity to trial new products in a space-saving, airline-approved size. This summer, we've set our eyes (and hearts) on the style made by Seed to Skin and Cabana magazine, for having us using the kit on, as well as when we're back from, our holiday.

A first time partnership for both, this travel beauty kit combines the founder of Seed to Skin, Jeanette Thottrup's natural skincare with the craftsmanship and design knowledge harnessed by the editor-in-chief of Cabana, Martina Mondadori. Housed inside a woven wash bag – the three different colourways are all iconic Cabana prints – you can find a hand-picked selection of Seed to Skin's favourite products in hand luggage acceptable sizes, including The Black Magic Face Mask, The Dew Mist, The Cure and The Midnight Miracle Face Oil. Fellow fans of the beauty brand will be well aware of the Tuscan farm, Borgo San Pietro, where all the products are made, but more importantly, how Seed to Skin utilises scientific techniques to extract the power of every botanical they use, creating skincare filled with rich natural properties that really work. For those who haven't had a chance to sample the brand, this selection of must-try products is an easy entryway for doing so, whether you're going away or not. 

Think twice before you try to decanter your beauty must-haves into 100ml bottles, this travel companion will be the only skincare saviour you need – home or away.

Shop the Cabana bag here, and more Seed to Skin below:

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