What... Radiance Reveal Mask by Votary

Why... Because this powerful acid peel will keep winter skin at bay.

Two days into November and the evidence that winter is nearing can be found on our skin. Yes, 'tis the season where we wonder what happened to that sunshine-induced glow we'd perfected just a few months before; the type that comes with summer dress weather and days spent topping up our vitamin D levels. And yet now we have the means to do so, even when the weather is as warm as a popsicle... 

Meet Votary's latest addition to their roster of plant oil based formulations, the Radiance Reveal Mask, which does exactly what it says on the pot. Packed with a double dose of AHAs – lactic as well as mandelic acid – this mask resurfaces your skins to improve texture, decongest pores, prevent breakouts, even out pigmentation, and reduce fine lines. 

If you have sensitive skin, the thought of acid exfoliators probably has your cheeks flushing instantly. But Arabella Preston, acclaimed make-up artist and founder of Votary has found the solution. To balance out the powerful exfoliation, the formula is enhanced with a proven calming complex of natural plant extracts and is free from fragrance allergens, meaning your skin won't be left irritated or with even a hint of tomato-shade redness.

Ready for your glow up? Apply this mask twice a week to get your skin shining brightly. 

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