What... the Clementine bath salts from Sister & Co

Why... Because what better way is there to reenergise your mind and body than through the citrusy scent of clementine?

It's common knowledge that we associate scents with different things – and by doing so, it can make us more successful. And when it comes to what smell we link to summer, it's the refreshing iterations of citrus fruits that fill our mind.

While you might look to a zesty perfume to get your olfactory kicks for the day, Sister & Co's Clementine bath salts provide such smells in the relaxing environment of your bathroom. Move over lavender, there's a new scent dominating our bath times!

Built on a base of Himalayan bath salts, Clementine will gently exfoliate the skin whilst it's almond, spearmint, mandarin and (of course) clementine essential oils will lathering it with moisture. Himalayan salts are known for their detoxifying properties, and being paired with other uplifting ingredients makes a winning combination for purifying and re-energising the mind and body.

As we roll into the summer months, dowse yourself in the scents of the season through every facet of your beauty regime. 

Shop the Clementine bath salts by Sister & Co here.

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