What...the L.F. Markey x KANKAN handwash

Why... Because these sustainable stalwarts are spearheading the end of plastic with their collaborative 'forever' bottle.

Since their inception, KANKAN have been on a mission to reduce plastic waste through their aluminium can refills of hand, body and baby wash.  This month sees them collaborate with fellow East London based and sustainably-minded brand L.F. Markey, on a new 'forever' bottle that's just as bright as the sun-filled skies we're currently experiencing.

L.F. Markey is helmed by Louise Markey, and its cemented itself as favourite for those looking for comfortable and colourful utility-wear – read: one of the first pioneers of bringing back the boilersuit! The flagship store in Dalston is not only a hub for those on the hunt for their next outfit, but it also includes a curated selection of homeware, literature and beauty, making it a one-stop destination for all your lifestyle needs. 

Available for a limited time only (much like this spell of good weather) KANKAN and L.F. Markey have combined their respective sustainable soap containers and colourful design know-how to create a smile-inducing handwash bottle, based around Markey's sun logo. Not only is it a stylish and sustainable way of housing your soap refills – KANKAN's aluminium refill cans are more likely to be recycled into a new product, as 75% of all aluminium produced since 1888 is still in use today – you'll always have a dose of sun even if the weather disagrees! 

Shop your KANKAN x L.F. Markey forever bottle here.

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