What… Augustinus Bader’s first haircare collection. 

Why… Because haircare is a natural next step for the German-based brand who've already revolutionised skincare.

If you haven't become acquainted with Augustinus Bader before this moment, then where have you been?! We've been singing their praises for their cellulite-fading body cream and moisturiser, The Cream (which has become a heralded favourite of many) for quite some time – look inside the beauty closet of the Because team as evidence! So it's no surprise that the news of their first haircare collection has us with our bank cards at the ready...

Launching today, the skincare brand that pioneered the Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®), releases the basic components of your haircare routine, consisting of The Scalp Treatment, The Shampoo, The Conditioner, The Hair Oil and The Leave-In Hair Treatment. Utilising the same formula that Professor Bader developed for his skincare, the collection fuses clean science with the body’s natural wisdom to target key aspects of scalp and hair vitality on a cellular level, creating an optimal environment for hair to grow, thrive and renew. 

Much like with a capsule wardrobe, the starting point of good hair comes down to those staple products: without a good shampoo or conditioner, you can say bid adieu to silky, frizz-free and smooth locks. With The Shampoo from Augustinus Bader, the cell renewing powers of TFC8® work to stimulate hair growth and strengthening strands from the root, actively boosting volume and shine. And it's companion, The Conditioner comprises of Oat Kernel Oil, Watercress and Indian Cress extracts, Maca Root extract, Pomegranate extract and Glycerin, as well as Dr Sturm's legendary formulation, to provide deeply nourished, hydrated and stronger hair. They tick all the boxes.

Shop The Hair Collection below:

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