Does your heart squeeze every time you throw away the non-recyclable bits of packaging from your grocery shop or beauty buys, and not in a good way? Yeah, us too. So we were very excited to have our heart squeeze in the best of ways when we tried a new body wash in some very eco-friendly packaging that was just as fun as it was effective to use.

Plus  – a company reinventing personal care with their zero-waste body wash towelettes – comes in a just-add-water form. Tear open its envelope, made out of a material that literally dissolves in water and washes down the drain, and the towelette gently starts to sud as it gets wet, creating a soapy and clean formula that cleanses the skin. Oddly satisfying and as if by magic, this is the promise of no waste, no hassle and a revitalising clean come to fruition. 

From the founders of Starface, Plus aims to tackle the wastage coming from our toiletries. According to research, the UK’s bath/shower products account for 10,000 tonnes of plastic annual waste. Using 38% less water than traditional bottled body wash, each Plus Body Wash package contains 16 single-use wash sheets and even its postage packaging is compostable. Fitting, given its natural ingredients list of aloe vera, shea butter and various plant and nut oils. Blissful for us, and our planet too!

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