What... Soap-free body bars by Humanrace.

Why... Because Pharrell Williams is changing the way we think about bodycare.

Soap bars often get a bad rep for drying out our skin; maybe it's because they conjure up images of bathrooms in not-so-fancy accommodation or maybe it's the fact that soaps have long been waiting a luxurious update to compete with their smelly-scented bottled rivals. Humanrace, the new product company from Pharrell Williams, has taken up the task with their recently launched line of body bars in contrasting black and white shades. In keeping with the mission of the brand that everyone can be empowered to pursue their wellbeing, the "routine doesn’t stop with your face, you need to care for your body too. Your body deserves its own time,” says Pharrell Williams.

Don't be mistaken: although the products look like soap, they're anything but. Both the Reenergizing Whiteclay and Energy Channeling Charcoal body bars are made using soap-free formulations and contains the same high-quality ingredients from their debut 3-step skincare range, including Snow Mushroom Extract, Kaolin Clay, and Rice Powder. In layman's terms, it's packed with hydrating elements so forget about this product drying you out and lather generously! 

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