Knitwear is being worn on the daily and our open toe shoes have retreated to the back of our wardrobes – it's official: winter is imminently approaching. Whilst we welcome the variety of hot drinks available and the returned opportunity to pull out our beloved outerwear staple, the lack of Vitamin D brings with it dry, chapped hands and brittle nails

Here to stop that from happening is the latest addition to Hermès' roster of beauty products, the Les Mains collection, which includes a selection of hand and nail care products as well as 24 nail varnishes. The next iteration of beauty-cum-objet d'arts from the creator of Hermès Beauty objects, Pierre Hardy, continue their ethos of creating products that are as design focused as their ready to wear collections. Take their hand cream, whilst being packed with nourishing, anti-ageing and revitalising ingredients such as shea butter, natural moss and their hallmark white mulberry extract, the bottle has been designed minimally to simply reflect the image of pure luxury. This aesthetic choice is also seen on their 100% natural nail and cuticle oil, base coat which is packed with mastic resin tears and the nail colour enhancing top coat, resulting in a hand and nail care collection that can take pride of place on your dresser. And for when you're on the go but need to quickly fix a misshapen nail, pull out a Hermès orange nail file to do the job – nailed it. 

Shop the Les Mains Hermès collection here.

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