Furthering our predilection for luxurious bodycare, this hydration duo from Costa Brazil has our hearts for giving intense moisture in two simple steps. Whether you use them together or separately, both products are rich in a variety of omegas and vitamins that help tone and smooth the skin. 

Helmed by Francisco Costa, the beauty brand was born through his desire to utilise the amazing ingredients that derive from the Amazon in a sustainable and ethical way. Despite being born and raised in Brazil himself, it wasn't until he visited the rainforests in 2016 that he became aware of their sacred importance and the magnificent ingredients that grow within them. It sparked his curiosity – his extensive career within fashion as the Women's Creative Director of Calvin Klein for 13 years proves that this will inevitably turn into creativity – and led him to craft a cold-pressed oil that was rich in antioxidants, minerals, micronutrients and vitamin E. From that moment, the brand was born.

Working in a way that encourages the Amazon to thrive is of the utmost importance. Having partnered with Conservation International, they work together to follow the best production practices. Through this partnership, Costa Brazil can identify and utilise existing farm lands and offer empowering alternative opportunities to comunidades ribeirinhas (river-side agricultural communities) previously burdened with growing conflict crops. Packaging is made with sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials whenever possible, and suppliers are chosen based on their sustainability credentials, fair trade practices, and how they work with local communities to harvest ingredients in a manner that benefits both nature and people. All of this, as well as they're beautifully designed bottles mean they should take pride of place in the gift receiver's bathroom cabinet. Everyone loves a present that has a backstory, and with one so interesting, it'll be hard not to share before Christmas day.

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