Have you ever been put off trying something new because of the misconceptions around it? To then find that your negative associations were false all along? Yes, we have too, and this feature is here to remove any pre-judgements, so you can try new things that may change your life for the better.

Whatever it may be, we'll do the investigative work to give you some peace of mind that your time isn't being wasted.

It's no secret that we love all things skincare at Because. We've become adept at Gua Sha, tried facial massages with The Seated Queen and most recently, trialled another face tool, the Kansa wand. But Facial Reflexology is a treatment that has always contained an air of mystery – maybe it's got to do with our algorithm showing us countless jade roller Tik-Toks on repeat. While the toning and age-defying effects of these tools have been touted, facial and body reflexology goes beyond the surface level. It can be used as a form of treatment for anxiety and emotional trauma and is also said to help treat a wide range of conditions from insomnia to infertility. We've become confident with a facial tool in hand but not that confident so we reckon that where a high level of expertise is involved, it's time to bring in the experts. That's why we've enlisted the help of specialist Alex Scrimgeour. Having studied Facial Reflexology (Dien Chan) under Tran Dung Thang in Vietnam where it originates, Alex now leads the Facial Reflexology treatments at the KX Spa in Chelsea, making him the perfect person to help clear up the misconceptions and ambiguity around the therapeutic practice. 

Facial Reflexology is only for an older, mature age group.

"This is incorrect, actually Facial Reflexology is helpful and enjoyable for all ages. In Vietnam, its place of origin, it is used even for young children."

The treatment room at KX Spa

It is the same as using Gua Sha or getting a massage.
"Although Gua Sha and massage can both be part of Facial Reflexology, there are many additional tools and techniques that make it distinct from these practices alone. For instance, there are over 300 micro-pressure points on the face that cannot be easily accessed with only Gua Sha or massage."

The main benefit is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
"Facial Reflexology does indeed have aesthetic benefits, but in my opinion the main benefit is to release deeply held emotional tension from the mind and nervous system. However, Facial Reflexology can be used for many purposes, whether for head and neck pain, beauty, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, or many other types of health problems."

It's painful.
"This depends on the therapist. In East Asia, foot reflexology is renowned for the strong pressure used and a certain kind of pain is often desired. However, the face is very different from any other part of the body, it is highly sensitive. In skilled hands, Facial Reflexology is always within the comfort zone and can be extremely relaxing and blissful. In the treatment we use a sequence of micro-pressure points, some of which feel tender. These more sensitive points release a stronger response through the body. And so the face can be thought of as a master control panel for our health, connecting to the brain, to our emotions and down through the body."

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