You may not be familiar with Rob Calcraft himself, but you certainly will be with the beauty brand he founded in 2000, REN. Whether you're one to buy the first moisturiser you see on a supermarket shelf or look to the advice of a dermatologist for a personalised skincare routine, REN beauty has become a household name over the last 20 years, pioneering the use of natural rather than synthetic and toxic ingredients. 

Now, Rob is disrupting the skincare sphere once again. His latest venture, Cultured, launches today with Cult Beauty after years of research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome – a.k.a systems within our bodies that consist of trillions of different microorganisms. Utilising this knowledge, Rob has created state of the art products that aim to balance the skin's micro-biome, creating a healthy and glowing visage

We asked Rob to tell us more about his new business, and to explain what's so special about our 'biomes. 

Tell us the story behind Cultured?
To be honest, I thought my skincare days were over. However, I have always been interested in health and science. So much so I read, I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong. It is mind-blowing. It reconfigures our understanding of the world and ourselves by giving an insight into our newly discovered relationship with microbes and bacteria. 

The gut biome led to the skin microbiome. I just thought this is so new, so exciting and so scientifically sound. Following many years of research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome and countless formulations later, Cultured and our Biomecare product category was born.  

We believe caring for your microbiome is the key to your best ever skin. Formulated to support and work with your microbiome that activate the skin’s ability to protect, repair and renew itself. The result is stronger skin that is radiantly healthy, and less prone to sensitivity, dryness and premature ageing.  

Why were you interested in creating microbiome-centred skincare?
The ‘discovery’ of the skin microbiome has revolutionised our understanding of skin and how to look after it. It was only through the arrival of genetic sequencing in the 2000’s that our microbial world and the skin microbiome were able to be studied and appreciated. 

Crucially, it’s only been over the past few years that a new era in actives has dawned which has opened the possibility of using microbiome science in skincare formulations.

We use the latest bio-tech actives from the world of microbiome science. Which means our products are formulated from the ground up to support and work via your microbiome. We have partnered these actives with other new-era, skin-enhancing ingredients, such as fermented oils and glycolipids that deliver outstanding results with light, silky, modern textures that absorb easily and have delightful skin feel.

How does a healthy microbiome translate to our skin?
It’s now known to be vital to skin health. It acts as biological shield for your skin that is integral to a strong skin barrier. It also acts as a messenger that communicates with your immune system and regulates skin response and healthy skin function. Lastly, it can activate key cells and behaviour within the deeper layers of your skin that prompt skin renewal and better skin function.

However, a compromised, unhappy microbiome (dysbiosis) is associated with so many of the major skin problems we see today: the alarming rise in skin sensitivity, chronic dryness, breakouts, rosacea, acne and premature skin ageing.

Having been at the forefront of clean beauty, what message are you giving the beauty industry with Cultured?
It’s all about the ‘biome

Why have you decided to launch with these three products? 
Our Biome One trio is a streamlined regime that are the pillars of caring for your microbiome. Less is more not only from a microbiome perspective but also from a consumer perspective where product choice within a brand can at times be overwhelming. We wanted Cultured to be easy to understand and navigate.

The Biome One Cleansing Balm cleanses beautifully while supporting the skin barrier and microbiome, the Biome Serum not only deeply hydrates and supports your microbiome, but also upregulates the skin quality and behaviour – it’s like a mini facial everyday. And lastly a weekly mask to reboot and renew your skin. 

What does the future hold for Cultured?
I’ve no idea! Which is why it’s so exciting! We do have plans for NPD (obviously) and for the brand to expand into other microbiome areas, we would love to tell you about that as and when. ☺

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