Dull, dry and spotty skin – we've had it all. Staying indoors hasn't been kind to our visage – at least no one outside of our household saw! – but with the UK opening up, it's a high time to whip it back into shape. And the most enjoyable way of doing so? Getting a facial.

As well as rejuvenating and cleansing your skin, facials can help you destress, as they activate the sympathetic nervous system which reduces anxiety and uplifts your mood. If you weren't convinced by their detoxing, anti-ageing, acne eliminating capabilities, think of it as an opportunity to fully relax from the stress-inducing lives we live. Find our picks of our favourite treatments below.

Skinworks Signature Facial
Skinworks zen ambience within their newly opened Soho clinic – they were previously based in Alex Eagle – can also be felt through their facials. Their 70 minute Signature facial will have you feeling calm and collected, as well as giving your skin a glow boost from the Antioxidant and Galvanic infusion, a deep cleanse from the anti-bac pore extraction and tension-releasing neck, shoulder and arm massage. If you're in need of some beneficial 'me time', this is the spot to go to.

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Clinicbe Signature Facial
Discreetly tucked away in Knightsbridge, Dr. Barbara Kubicka's clinic offers the best medically-driven skincare treatments that work with immediate effect. Their Signature facial is a force to be reckoned with; consisting of microdermabrasion, an enzyme treatment – which smells delightfully of chocolate brownies coming out the oven – Oxygen RX, a cooling face mask and a plasma shower, your skin will look tighter, brighter and a whole lot healthier. 

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Pfeffer Sal Welcome Essential Facial
Not only do you receive an 100 minute facial that'll balance and brighten your skin, the Welcome Essential facial from Pfeffer Sal includes a 20 minute consultation that include six high-tech scans of the various layers of your skin. This helps them tailor the facial to suit your skin's needs, ensuring that you'll be leaving with a complexion that looks a lot better than the one you had when you walked in.

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Sarah Chapman Bespoke Luxury Facial
Who knew facials could be so high-tech? At Sarah Chapman's clinic, they use a mixture of their signature ‘gymnastics’ massage techniques with state-of-the-art technology and potent cosmeceutical products to leave you with deeply cleansed and glowing skin. With a clientele of some of the world's most familiar faces, you know your face is in good hands.

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Natali Kelly Mesotherapy Facial 
For Medical Director Natali Kelly, wellbeing, health and beauty goes hand in hand. She takes more of a holistic approach when it comes to the latter, and the treatments found in the Chelsea Georgian townhouse/clinic are seen as ‘a journey to a new you’. For a completely new complexion, opt for the cocktail of vitamins found in their Mesotherapy, which are applied through a series of painless microinjections and will have your skin glowing.

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