"Growing up, my parents ran a traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic which I would help out at on weekends. I wanted to use this experience to create a collection of products." After working in the design industry for nine years, graphic designer Stephanie Hannington-Suen decided to tap into her childhood experiences and take the best of both worlds to create the London-based skincare and fragrance label, homework.

What started as a 'passion project' for Stephanie has now grown into a fully-fledged wellness brand with a range of minimally designed candles, essential oils, soaps and even plant seed packets! But no matter the product, all of homework's offerings infuse traditional Chinese medicine. "When creating a new product, I consult my parents on the best ingredients." Take for example, their dandelion soap bar. Whilst pretty in design (and name), the soap infuses dandelion for a specific medicinal reason. As Stephanie explains, "Dandelion has been used to treat eczema and psoriasis in TCM for centuries. With this knowledge, I infuse dried dandelion leaves and roots in olive oil to create the base oil for the soap bar which in turn produces a nourishing and soothing bar." Lucky for us, Stephanie aims to demo just how this ancient practice applies in the modern skincare world. This month, homework has set up workshops in the Design District, North Greenwich so that you get a hands-on experience in their studio but also to "see where [they] manufacture everything for full transparency." Not only will you be able to walk away with your own homemade product but hopefully, a more sustainable mindset, too. "We hope that by showing people how to [make their own products], it will in turn reduce their plastic consumption."

What is a book that you always come back to and why?
I rarely read books twice but one book that I read recently that I couldn’t put down was, Shoe Dog. I found the whole journey of Phil Knight fascinating. 

What is your morning ritual like?
My morning ritual always starts with a cup of tea in bed. 

What is the best piece of advice you've received?
The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is just to go ahead and do what I believe in and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 

What is an ongoing goal of yours?
To lower my carbon footprint. 

What's your party trick?
Not sure if this is a party trick, but I make some mean dumplings for every dinner party. 

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be?
Japan, I’d love to do an architecture tour and document all the beautiful buildings.


Name something that you're grateful for.
My partner Ross who really supports me with everything I do, in particular homework

Name three things that you can't live without.
Family, friends and noodles.

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