What... Votary Super Boost Night Drops

Why... Because we all need a calming force for reactive skin

One thing I've always known, despite its convenient nature, is to be wary of products that claim that they have more functions than one. Most notably, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, as my hair has never appeared any better (quite often appearing a lot worse) after using. However, where I'm actually in dire need of a product that promises everything in one, is my skincare, as a critic of the Korean 11-step skincare, I like to keep my routine minimal. Votary, has successfully dispelled this myth, as the Super Boost Night Drops, mixed with the restorative powers of beauty sleep, has created the cure of three of my skincare woes in one (recyclable) bottle.

Granted its never claimed to be a three-in-one, but I'd like to put it in offshoot category, one-solves-three, due to it's noticeable effects redness, spot reduction and texture. Patted onto my skin after my cleansing and toning routine, I went to bed dreaming of the results I wasn't expecting it to achieve, and woke to a noticeably calmer and clearer complexion. With 2% CBD acting as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that improves skin condition, rosemary leaf extract incorporated as a free-radical scavenger supporting the skin’s healing processes and strawberry seed oil to restore a youthful glow, feel confident that this trio of natural ingredients will aid skin without needing any nasty irritants to get involved. 

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