The equivalent of the 'Little Black Dress' for party-wear, the red lip is a classic detail that adds the pièce de résistance to any make-up occasion.  Synonymous with movie stars Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, the lip colour's long history of evoking sexiness along with sophistication, continues to be a favourite in zhushing the minimal to Hollywood chic. In another instalment of the How To series, Contributing Beauty Editor, Rachel Singer Clark gives her 2020 update on the shade, using the beautiful stylist and visual consultant, Anna Rosa Vitiello as her muse.

Step One
Line fully hydrated lips with M.A.C Cosmetics Cremestick Lip Liner in Red Enriched to create a perfect deep red base. Then, clean up the edges with a cotton bud, I love these Muji Thin Cotton Buds.

Step Two
Apply M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Eye Gloss in Médoc on lips, over the lip liner. 

Step Three
Use a tiny brush to apply Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Berber around the lips edge, this adds a three dimensional effect over the lip liner. To help fix it in place, use M.A.C Cosmetics Mixing Medium Eyeliner as a glue for the pigment. 

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