There's the kind of suntan lotion you buy at Boots at the airport as, let's face it -  an afterthought - and then there's the sunscreen you buy in advance to protect and nuture the future of your face. How many of us are guilty of a daily routine that does not incorporate SPF protection *hand creeps up with embarassment*? Well, as part of our re-education and newfound ambition to stave off the negative effects of the bountiful sun that we otherwise bask in, we're taking advantage of London's amazing weather and testing new (to us, anyhow!) sunscreens. 

First up is Shiseido's WetForce Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion Plus SPF50+ 100ml. What a bottle! Sleek, almost spaceship-like in its smooth, irregular bottle shape, you'll need to give it a good shake before squeezing out the lotion in order for their "Wet Veil" technology in the form of a sheer, oily (in a good way) layer that needs to get properly mixed in with the creamier textured lotion for it to glide on and soak into your skin beautifully. We found it just as lovely on the face as on the body and its gentle smell makes the experience feel luxurious, rather than functional.

La Roche-Posay is the kind of skincare brand that feels solid, like your Grandmother has sanctioned it for all its inherent goodness. Its clinical branding makes you feel like the dermatologists behind it don't mess around, and that they bottle up the creams finely tuned in a lab that delivers exactly what its meant to. It's not sticky and like Shiseido's, soaks nicely into the skin on both face and body. Smells clean too!

Whereas Shiseido's sunscreen is sexy, and a talking point when you pull it out of your bag, La Roche-Posay is fully functional and doesn't joke around. Either way, slather them on and we know our skin will reward us in our futures.

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