“The point of departure was a scented wax, found in a souk and long forgotten in a wooden box. The amber only became sultanesque after I reworked the composition using citrus, a herb that sticks to the fingers like tar, then added an overtone that nobody had ever dreamed of: vanilla. Why? Because vanilla is sticky, too, and it clung to my memory.” - Serge Lutens

It's a few months now down the line of the 20th anniversary of Serge Lutens' perfume brand. Celebrating back in February (which admittedly feels like a lifetime ago, another era in fact!`), Mr. Lutens had launched the Zellige Collection to kick off the festivities. It's made up of a trio of 3 existing best sellers within his core Noire collection: Fleurs d’oranger, La fille de Berlin, and our personal favourite Ambre Sultan which has been repackaged in a limited edition, sleek black package.

We've always loved the headiness of Ambre Sultan, its rich musky, slightly spicy scent softened with that secret vanilla tone to make it oh, so sweet. A comforting fragrance for discomforting times.