What… anatomē Support + Protection Essential Oil Blend

Why… Protect your body and your energy with this multi-purpose essential oil blend

With an expert team of aromacologists and nutritionists, anatomē is known for supporting health and wellbeing inside and out by combining the colossal power of nature with science. Such expertise is needed now more than ever, which is why we’re hero-ing anatomē’s Support + Protection Essential Oil Blend as we make our first foray back into the public sphere.

Created in 2018, the importance of this range in today’s climate was unprecedented. Based around a signature blend, containing a cocktail of 24 essential oils with antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, anatomē draws on the practices of holistic medicine and combines this ancient knowledge with scientifically proven ingredients to support today’s needs.

Packaged in a nifty pocket-sized bottle that makes it ideal for use on-the go, the Essential Oil Blend will protect your body throughout your daily routine. anatomē recommends that the oil is applied topically on sensory points such as the temples, throat, chest, shoulders and wrists. Together, these pulse points form a triangle that shields the body; to protect the airways and respiratory tract. The herbaceous blend contains Tea Tree to support immune defence, Thyme and Rosemary for antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, Eucalyptus to improve breathing, and Grapefruit and Sicilian Lemon to lift mood and reduce stress and anxiety. With an oil for every ailment, it’s the perfect support system in your pocket.

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