I’ve lost count of the amount of times people have complained to me about their recent sleep patterns. My boyfriend continually answers my ‘how did you sleep last night?’ with the number of hours it took for him to fall asleep after I had – this ranges from one to three hours nightly – and my housemate will often explain how she wakes up for one hour increments each night as she (kindly) makes us a cup of tea the next morning. This, along with the infinite amount of voice notes/texts and Zoom/phone calls I receive from friends and family, shows that while we might not think Coronavirus is affecting our health if we haven’t contracted it, in some unprecedented way, it is. 

“Sleep is a very complex network,” explains Winder Ton RD MSc, who is one of the resident dieticians and nutritionists at apothecary label, anatomē. “It takes into account emotional health, stress, physical health and things that we do on a day to day basis. Obviously living through this pandemic is a stress itself, even though maybe you don't feel it expressly. You’re changing your behaviors, you change your routine, the process of change can be stressful. And then it can manifest in different ways, meaning you have this stress living inside.” Winder’s role within the company is to give the scientific reasoning for using the particular ingredients within their products, which are very much natural only. Anatomē’s aim is “to improve your health; not only your physical health, but also your emotional mindset,” tells Winder. “To help the mind and body, using the elements that nature can provide: plants and plant extracts, fruits, leaves, roots and barks.”

Founder, Brendan Murdock

Since the brand’s inception in 2017 by Brendan Murdock, anatomē has been consistently aiding people through it’s holistic approaches. For sleep, Winder ensures that routine is key to a good night's rest, despite how hard it can be to achieve. “Having routine tricks your brain, and means that you’re saying to it ‘Ok brain, I know exactly what I’m doing, everything's under control’” shared Winder. “To have a good sleep routine, the bedtime is so important, especially now because our routines have changed.” This means trying to stick to the same bed time each night, and committing to a nighttime routine. “Doing this nighttime routine, you're basically telling and training your brain, ‘Okay brain, this is the time that I can relax and you can release the hormones that I use to relax and sleep well’” shares Winder. “The routine could be anything. It could be, incorporating skincare, having essential oils within your bedtime routine, brushing your teeth or your hair, or doing something mindful like meditation; something that’ll bring you relaxation.” 

To help further induce you into that relaxation mindset, anatomē’s Sleep range caters to your individual needs. Their Reset, Relax and Sleep supplement, designed to help achieve deep restful sleep, is suitable for all the different types of disrupted sleep patterns. For those with a specific problem in need of solving, their essential oils serve to those qualms. “We have four different sleep oils, all of them contain the same ingredients, but they have different talk notes for different problems,” states Winder. “For example, we have one with seaweed. There's evidence that shows that seaweed decreases latency of sleep, so you're less likely to wake up through the night because of that. We also have English lavender; if you don't have a specific issue but when you’re in need of an extra dose of relaxation to sleep better. We also have frankincense. Frankincense helps your brain to declutter, if you’re 24/7 all the time, you never stop and have problems falling asleep, then we recommend frankincense because it’s rich in therapins. There are different combinations of elements that can help you, but all of them can have the same ingredients. It's just the balance would be different.”

With the rotation of anxieties and uncertainties that are recurring daily throughout this period, it’s uplifting to know that our slumber is something that we can be in control of. And with the knowledge of how to have a more restful snooze, ready to disperse to my loved ones in need, I too will be sleeping deeply.

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